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Report: Trump Lawyers Seek CNN Payment For Alleged 'Vendetta' Shown in Project Veritas Video

Project Veritas Action Fund has released undercover video from Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum's campaign, revealing his election strategy contains making empty promises to voters. Project Veritas Action Fund has launched undercover video from present US Senator Joe Donnelly's campaign.
Inquistr. July 5, 2017. Rebekah Metzler,"'Sting' Video Stirs Fraud Debate", Portland Press Herald, August 12, 2011; accessed September 15, 2011.
O'Keefe has gained support from proper-wing and conservative media and curiosity groups. In 2009, Andrew Breitbart commissioned him for the choice to publish new videos solely on
Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) under false pretenses, and the release of misleading videos of conversations with two excessive-ranking, now former, NPR executives in 2011. Kenneth P. Vogel, James O'Keefe, Practitioner of the Sting, Has an Ally in Trump, New York Times (December 7, 2017).
James O'Keefe's New Story About the 47 Percent Video is Totally False; Mother Jones; David Corn; October 27, 2016. What is the net worth of Chris Evans , which is led by James O'Keefe, additionally recently revealed a series of movies shot by a onetime CNN worker, although the network by no means publicly responded to the contents of the movies. Monday, Project Veritas, a right-wing activist group that has tried to conduct earlier sting operations to show journalistic bias, released its newest video concentrating on CNN.
The leaked video was from final summer season, simply as the Epstein story was exploding and he was dealing with a new charges for sex trafficking of minors. He died in jail in August, in what a coroner ruled a suicide. "CNN Project Veritas Video Reveals Producer Criticizing Chris Cuomo, Doubling Down On Voter Comments".

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